When Wisdom Tells You That Appearing in Court Alone May Not Be Such a Good Idea

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At Limited Scope Family Law Attorneys of Los Angeles, we have an experienced team of lawyers with extensive courtroom knowledge and understanding to make your day in court tolerable and productive instead of an "end of the world" event.

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Our legal team utilizes an unmatched personal care process that provides you with reasonable assurances that your position is understood and advocated for in court.

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The lawyers at Limited Scope Family Law Attorneys of Los Angeles have a proven track record of success. We use that experience to help you down a path to the results you need. Consider the circumstances of your case, and then schedule your free phone consultation today.


Child Support

You shouldn’t have to struggle to tend to the financial needs of your children when you know that the other parent is capable of providing a reasonable and substantial amount of child support.  You may not know what to tell the court regarding the other parents’ income or yours for that matter. You may not know the various factors in calculating child support that can be argued before the court. You may not know what impact certain custodial circumstances may have on support. You may not know how to find the earnings of a parent who is being less that forthcoming to the court.  You need a attorney who knows what to look for and what to argue before the court. You need an attorney who can represent your interests on the day of your hearing, yet you can’t afford one to represent you for your entire matter. You need the Limited Scope Family Law Attorneys of Los Angeles.


Child Custody and Visitation

When you can’t shake the fear of representing yourself in court in a child custody matter, it’s time to contact Limited Scope Family Law Attorneys of Los Angeles to strongly and aggressively argue your case before the court. When you have grave concern over the orders of Legal or Physical Custody of your children, don’t gamble with representing yourself. Too much is at stake. Hire a lawyer to present your case before the judge without the burden of the unaffordable retainer fee. Whether its issues of transportation, visitation scheduling, holidays, schools, extracurricular activities, monitoring or supervised visits, minors counsel issues, tuition, vacations, health insurance or any range of multiple circumstances that you need the court to decide, you need us to represent you on your day in court.


Spousal Support & Other Issues

Arguing the issue of Spousal Support and other Dissolution -related issues can be very tricky. The court needs to hear a variety of facts and circumstances upon which the judge can make a grounded and justifiable ruling whether to make orders in your favor.  The Limited Scope Family Law Attorneys of Los Angeles have argued the issues both ways and according to your circumstances. No matter which side that you may be on, you need to have an experienced attorney present your position in a way that the court understands and finds reason to rule in your favor.  Maybe the amount is too small or too much. Maybe the length of the order for support is too long or too short. Maybe there are exigent circumstances that need to be communicated to the court in a structured and articulate manner that the Limited Scope Family Law Attorneys of Los Angeles are prepared to do. Call us now for a free one-half hour consultation to discuss your issues.


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